Premarital Counseling

Marriage is not the end goal of a quick sprint but rather a marathon for which agile communication skills, and dedication are required to continue crossing the ever-moving finish line. A great way to contribute to a firm foundation for this marathon is by participating in something known as premartial counseling. In effect, premarital counseling is an honest, guided discussion around some of the harder topics that inevitably come up in marriage. It helps couples grapple with difficult topics while they practice and improve their process of communication.

Typically, as couples are planning for their happy day, many ministers or religious officials will invite or even require couples to premarital counseling, often free. But if you are not religious, or preparing an inter-religious ceremony, premarital counseling is not readily available and can be expensive. But I firmly believe that if a couple wants premarital counseling there should be a quality, affordable, and easily available option to them.


The base package for premarital counseling is $250 and includes 5 hours of time with Elise. Just as each couple is unique, the topics and structure of each meeting is individually tailored to address your needs. For more information or a free 15 minute consultation, please e-mail Elise at